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ML 79 F
6 50%
Dimebag Far Beyond Driven Tribute ML
6 50%
Voters: 12.
OK, first off, so you know, these are both Dean guitars. Second, let me say, if you're going to say, "OMG GET TEH IBANEZ INSTEADS!!1!1!", then don't leave a reply, please. Sorry to sound harsh, but I'm narrowing it down to these two and that's that. Anyway, here they are:

The Dean ML 79 (Brazillian Sunburst):


The Dean Dimebag Far Beyond Tribute ML:


Pros and cons for both guitars:

ML 79 F

-Floyd Rose Locking System. (Most important aspect to me.)
-Original Guitar
-Very, very nice for the money.
-I'll finally have a guitar to play! (My other one is broken)
-Looks very nice. (It's gotta look nice AND play nice.)

-Doesn't come with a molded case.
-Pickups suck, would have to replace.
-22 Frets only. Ah well, I can live with this.


Dimebag FBD Tribute ML

-Floyd Rose System.
-The Brazillian Sunburst finish on this one is very nice as well, maybe a tad lighter.
-Black hardware compliments it very nice.
-Comes with a molded case, which makes up for the big price tag.
-Dimebucker in the bridge. (Yes, yes, I know this pickup isn't what he used, but it's ****in' impossible to find the Bill Lawrence pickup, or at least it is for me.)
-Has a free poster. (Hey, what can I say? Dime's my hero. It's a nice little bonus. )

-It has an obnoxious sticker on the body, which I don't think goes that well with it. But I'm kind of getting used to it. A little. Besides, it's good to keep the legend alive.
-It's over-priced because Dime's name is on it.


As you can see, I've thought this out very well for a long, long time, and once I make the purchase, that's it, so I've gotta make this count. It took me a long time to get this money, even though I've got a job. So, what are your final thoughts? Who knows, your comments might change my decision on which guitar to get.
I like the ML '79 finish more, it has a better flame. And it's not someone else's sig guitar, nothing wrong with Dimebag though.
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Have you seen these guitars in person ??
Try it out ? At least feels how the neck is in your hand.
I have nothing against Dean. Always wanted an ML myself.
But a Damage tribute i saw and tried out had bad workmanship.
it looks good from a distance, heck they didn't even bother to clean up
some of the burrs.

I was going to get an epihone flat blackout exployer. It looked sweet as hell,
but the freaken neck was uncomfortable as heck for me to play it. It didn't
fit my hand.

I at least play a guitar before a purchase and check everything out in person.
Just to warn you they're both Licensed Floyd Roses (i think) and they're gonna suck but if you don't want any more advice besides those then whatever.
I'm kind of for the 79....You can always fix it up and stuff and I don't like how they're selling Dime's name.....
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