well my little brother wants a new guitar for his birthday hes only been playing for say 6 months, but hes progressed really well. anywaiz he uses my old Behringer strat copy which is a piece of shit coz when i used it i was a noob and didn't take much care of it. wel he just wants a guitar that sounds ok for around $300 and wont fall apart to easily.
I love white guitars!
Music style? for some reason im sensing he either plays metal or hardrock, whatever you'd like to call it, so in that case a schecter omen 6, exactly $300 i believe.
The Gearz:

Schecter Omen 6
B-52 At-100 head + 4x12 cab
Yamaha EG303
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive
nah, hes only 11 gonna be 12 so yer he doesnt really listen many metal bands apart form Metallica so yer its all pop-punk and some of my emo bands and a bit of classic rock.
I love white guitars!