this is an outline I made for a song. Since I recorded this I finished writing up the lyrics and switched around the verse a little bit, haven't gotten around to re-recording it yet. Please let me know what you think.

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A song with the word blues in it doesn't have to be the blues, Neil Young did it three times on his album On The Beach. I was actually trying to NOT make it a blues song, I have no problem writing those Thanks for the comments.
oh. i never did like neil young, so i guess thats why i didn't know lol
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Yeah its not bluesy but I do know plenty of songs with blues in that arn't blues.

Anyway, the songs sounds good. The vocals have quite a few "pops" and stuff in them you might want to change how you mic them. The vaocals themselves are good though.

The stops in the pice are quite abrupt, and don't flow as well as they could, and also I didn't hear anything about blown tubes (I assume you talking about the amp kind) but then I wasn't listening to the lyrics much.

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the blown tubes blues part comes in the last chorus

I hate to see you get treated like that
Burned out with the blown tube blues
But when you reach for one screaming moment
Gonna have to pay your dues

I need to get a pop filter for my mic. I'm going to re-record a better version of this, with this recording I wanted to get the main ideas in place and see how they worked.
your voice is really good you should really get that pop filter though
reminds me a little of elliott smith
one thing is that i would make your guitar tone a little less bright
maybe add some simple drums over it as well i think it would make the stops work better
its also pretty short, maybe add a section with a little solo over the chords i could really hear a slide guitar going over it nicely
overall i really liked it with a few things i would really love it

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