im getting annother bass and have narrowed my coice down to three choices a fender jazz bass 24, B.C rich mockingbird trans red bass or an epiphone sg reissue keeping in mind i allready have a fender precision bass thats black with metal flakes with no scratch plate (custom shop model)
so which bass is better quality and which one sounds the best?
Wait, you have a custom shop P bass and you are thinking about getting a B.C. Rich??? Go with the J bass or the SG Bass
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

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Wait, you have a custom shop P bass and you are thinking about getting a B.C. Rich??? Go with the J bass or the SG Bass

well which one outta those two then?
LOL @ the lies.

To avoid spamming, play them yourself and decide,

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seeing as you have a P bass, get a J bass and you will have two great basses
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don't buy gibson - shoddy after sales service

don't buy fender - there's better out there
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This thread isn't spam, but the way you're treating the guy is.
Yeah, he lied on the internet. Im sure all the vets here have never done that.. *rolls eyes*

but please try and be a little more respectful.
out of your 3 choices, definately the j-bass for me. But you provide nothing as to what you're looking for or why you selected those 3.
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What kind of music do you play? There are probably better basses in your budget such as schecter but out of those 3 i would definitely say the fender, i really don't like the other two
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Personally I'd go for the Jazz 24, it's got nice pickups, bridge, an awesome finish, and 24 frets, which I'd use alot.