Had an idea and just kinda went with it....ummm Crit 4 Crit as usuall, dont be afraid to be harsh i just wanna see what people think of this....


And thats just how its gotta be,
Breakin' my heart just to watch me cry
Every damn time I end up lonely,
This time I hope we never say gooodbyeeee

Your pretty face is what i want to see,
In the morning with you lying next to me,
And your stunning smile, your joyful laugh
This is where i want to be, theres no doubt, Girl you mezmorize me

You better not break my heart baby,
You better not make me cry,
Dont be like those other girls,
Who leave me alone to die

What I want to see,
Is your pretty face looking down at me,
With those gentle lips and deep blue eyes,
Girl you make me mezmorized

Your beautiful face,
Is makin' my heart race,
And you better not steer it right into a brick wall,
Oh woah..dont make me fallllll

cuz you
Mezmorize me girl,
You are my whole universe
And now its me and you and you and me,
together at last, so happily....
Check for "Taking a Picture (Won't capture this)