i was just wondering (call it a stupid question) if you could use an ellectric guiter, into a accoustic amp. does it sound bad? will it expload? will it start saying, YOUR MOM! YOUR MOM! YOUR MOM! over and over again??
its just ive seen a really nice looking amp (marshall AS50D 50W 2x8 Combo) but not sure if i can actually get it.

thank you

It will say YOUR MOM YOUR MOM over and over again.

It should be fine, just don't turn it up too much, just in case.
What's the difference anyway? I can play my acoustic through an electric.
It will work, but it might sound kind of lifeless, compared to a normal amp.
If you had an acoustic amp already, I'd tell you to go ahead. But I'd never BUY an acoustic amp for an electric guitar.

And just 'cause that one says "Marshall" on it, it doesn't necessarily mean it's any good.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i thought id add to this. At band practice my other guitarist's amp broke down (marshall avt, go figure, he spent 1,000 bucks on a avt stack. Hes such a dumbass). And anyway, we used his fender acoustic amp and we turned it up to 10 and it had a nice natural breakup. sounded very vintage actually
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