Yea i did a search nothing came up helpful

I saw a boss ds2 for 50 aud about 35 American dollars
and im wondering how this does for metal i was gonna get a metal zone but this is so cheap so im jsut asking how this fairs compared to the others

ps(i got my flame shield on )
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It's good, presumably you know about the 'twin turbo modes', you can generally get some decent warm or crunchy tones out of it. If I were you though I'd save up a bit more for something like, say, a metal muff. Or similar.
Ahh, i thought it would be good for metal too, turns out it just doesn't have it for metal, i'm saying the Digitech Metal Zone, but if you're looking for a chep pedal to get some great lead sounds and rhthm for more of a rock sound, you can't go wrong
DS-1 is NOT a metal pedal, way less gain than the metal zone and doesn't have the EQ range of the metal zone. it's just too light for metal
Yeah, the ds-1 and ds-2 have alot less gain than mt-2....but they dont sound like bees in a tin.

Save for a little more time and get a Metal Muff if you want a more higher gained metal sound.
Anyone try the 3 new boss pedals that came out? I think a dyna drive or something like that? And I know one was the ML-2