Hey guys. I looked through the facts and did some searches but there was just too much info and I have a general question that was tuff to find an answer to..

But heres my question.

I'm getting an electric guitar soon and I was planning on getting a SRV model stratocaster but I really like building things and maybe thought about building my own stratocaster.

I have some questions though.

How difficult is it to put a guitar together? Im not worried about the bolting and what not, but I dont know much about setting up a guitar. All i know about are acoustics and I have no idea if electrics are the same way.

I am very handy with tools, ive build car motors all the way up to woodworking so i know how to use tools very well etc and Im not afraid to build things.

So do i need to take it to a pro to have it set up, etc.

how much does this cost??

2nd, how much would i actually save by piecing it together if i had to take to someone to make it ready to be played.

Thanx a ton!

Btw: just for reference i was thinking of starting off with a body like this 1 here


Just give it a look and any comments would be great!

thanx again!