I was wondering why everybody in this community absolutely hates the line 6 spider series????whats so wrong about them, for their price i believe that their are decent amps if you tweak the settings the way you like , i also used a boss gt-6 with it and it sounded terrific,is it just me???? ,anybody else who believes the same
they sound good at low levels, but if you turn them up loud, or just compare them to valve amps, they are relatively crap.
I have one and i hate it. Its mainly because theyre solid state, and they sound nowhere near as good as a tube amp. also like mentioned above when turned up loud they sound terrible.
the spider 3 is a neat amp... i got a spider one and its clean setting sucks, all 3 of them do... and the spider2 is better...
its the fact that it is a solid state amp. not that it sound bad, pp bash them down when they heard "solidstate"
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