Alright everybody, Ive been playin guitar for maybe 3 months now and im having a really bad day today... I cant seem to get through anything and I dont feel like im progressing at all... Please gimme some tips to get better where I can accually feel it... every song i try to play i **** up and just get even more pissed... What can i do? How do i learn? I dont have a teacher and there no way i can get one here in egypt....Thx alot guys

is it just 2day? if so, then i suggest u just stop playing and do sumthin else. every guitarist has their bad days.

if its not just 2day....erm....practice XD
Put it down and pick it up again tomorrow.

Go do something else, go for a walk/run, go the gym, watch telly, anything really but forget about it till tomorrow.

It'll make the world of difference tomorrow.
I know what you mean, it can get very frustrating sometimes especially
when your fingers wont do what you want them to do!. I've been playing for about
2 months now and dont have a teacher. I have got a teaching dvd though and its
really helpful as you can go at your own pace. To complement this I read thru
these forums and practice some of the excercises that are posted on here. They
really help. One of the best pieces of advice I've read is to play a song s-l-o-w-l-y
at first in time. It really is the best way. Put down your guitar go grab a beer have a read thru the forums. I guarantee you'll be itching to pick it up again afterwards
Play along with a song really loud where you can barely hear your playing and just make up the part.=)
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Thx alot guys... i really appreciate ur help... gonna go read for a bit and pick it up again tommorow...
here is what I do on the shit days. If the songs I try to play aren't happening . I do fundamentals. If you have only been playing a few months. then this would be basic chords and some basic scales. On the crap days just set the metronome on slow. If you know the basic chromatic different fingers / 24 warm up exercise ( It was it posted here on UG) that is a great fundamental to do on the off days.

Doing this still keeps you developing your hand/finger coordination, without stressing to much.
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