A friend just emailed me details of a concert Lou Reed is putting on this summer (June 29) at the Manchester international festival - he's performing his album "Berlin" live in full for the very first time (more details available here). I've never heard this album but I've liked a lot of what Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground have done.... is it worth going and getting tickets for? I'd like to hear your opinions, thanks.
It's really not like the Velvets' stuff. I'd really suggest you listen to it before you get the tickets.

It's the bleakest album I've ever heard.
I downloaded it a little while back when I was very depressed, but my disposition and musical focus shifted shortly after and as a result I couldn't really get a feel for it. I should really give it another listen. I like his stuff with the Velvets better than his solo work, though. If he's doing more than just Berlin, I'd get the tickets. It's damn Lou Reed, man.
Listen to mah discs.


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Thanks for your replies - it's just Berlin he's doing. I'll try before I buy - even if it is a bit bleak for my taste, I still agree with VoodooChild15 and "It's damn Lou Reed, man."