So i am one of the many that has never really had a guitar lesson, so i honeslty dont know how to name every note. I want to learn bron y aur, but i cant figure the tuning, out because my jank tuner only shows how many flatts down you are, not what note you have gotten to. So, could anyone tell me how many flatts down (or sharps up) each string would have to be to get to: (starting with the low, thick, E-string)


Thanks in advance.
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4 down
4 down
2 down
2 down
2 down
1 up

i belive thats right
try using this
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The i got out of the Guitar World Book siad its CACGCE or open C6. somehting of that nature
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yeah im pretty sure its C6 tuning, you can also play it in drop d with a capo on the 3rd fret but it sound crap.
It was recorded in Open E, then Jimmy sped the tape up to F. That way, he wouldn't have to re-learn the song in Open G for the live version.

Another way to play the song is to put the guitar in Open D (DADF#AD) and Capo 3rd.

Have fun.
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