Hey, I have a Marshall MG30 which I'm starting to lothe. I was thinking about buying an epi valve junior and was wondering if it would be possibel to convert my marshall into an extention cab for the new amp. If so, how would I go about it?

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I don't think that it's a good idea to use that speaker
a better idea would be to sell it and save up for a decent cab
Jenny did it to hers...you just need to attach an input jack directly to the speaker. Sit tight and she's bound to show up
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unplug the MG.
take the speaker wires off the clips in the speaker.

mark the + lug and wire, incase u ever want to reclip.

check the ohms on the speaker, match the ohms coming from the Vjr.

buy heavy gauge speaker wire from radio shack. buy a 1/4" input / output jack.
buy quick disconnect clips.

attach two new speaker wires to the speaker using the clips on one end and soldering to the jack on the other.

plug the vjr into the jack. leave the mg unplugged from the wall u dont need it.

i usually solder the - to the center most lug on the input jack.

and ull find the vjr is going to over power tha MG 30 speaker.

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