hey guys, I'm about to buy my pickups...finally...but am still unsure which brand and which combination to go with.

am looking at either dimarzio or EMG in terms of the brands, but not sure which combinations to go with.

I play funk metal. I'm looking for the best combination that will give me clarity and power in my low end riffing, but also thick and smooth high end solo action.

In terms of going clean, I want a warm chunky sound for smooth blues rhythm lines.

in terms of the neck position, I'm thinking of steve's special, paf-mo, Eric Johnson dimarzio

and still unsure in the bridge.

will EMG pickups allow me the clean rhythm flexibility that Dimarzio do? all opinions wanted!
Well EMG's are supposedly very sterile when clean and so your not going to get that bluesy tone.

The dimarzio could probably do what you want but also check out seymour duncans SH2 Jazz and SH1 '59 pcikups as they are very good for that sort of tone. the SD site also has a pickup selector for your type of tone/set up
I' m not particularly keen on SD in the bridge position, but what about combining an sd in the neck with something like a tone zone in the bridge?
Dimarzio Breed pair is actually sounding pretty close, not sure if the Tone Zone is the right choice, it's probably too dense and bassy for your purposes.
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