what is the best distortion pedal for metal
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krank.. distortus maximus.. pwnge...
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krank.. distortus maximus.. pwnge...

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No - great amp + Fulltone OCD = pwnage. Lol, probably not what he wanted to hear though. Basically there are not many great distortion pedals, and all the sounds from your favorite metal albums are achieved by a great amp with possibly a boost - so if you have the money get an amp. If you don't have the money but already a tube amp, get a booster pedal. If neither are an option, I personally prefer the EHX Metal Muff - its the only "metal" pedal I have heard that didn't sound like utter trash.
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well i have an almost 20 year old, DOD american metal pedal. its purple, sound is so crunchy and awsome
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Metal Muff is a great pedal, but, you could have searched this board there are about 1,000,000 "best distortion pedal" threads!
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