I'm hunting around the internet to see how I'm going to build my own custom Gibson Goldtop, but I've found two different versions of the guitar!

Which claims to be a 1957 Gibson Gold top

Which claims to be a 1954 Gibson Gold top

The top one uses a stop bar set up, as per the current LP's, assuming no tremolo. The bottom one has somewhat of the stop bar setup, but isn't (anyone know the name of that sort of mechanism?). Which is the true authentic LP as though it was the original Gibson Gold top. Keep in mind this will NOT be completely identical to the Gold top; I'll probably use a stop bar for my setup.

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its a wrap around bridge.
their both real les pauls
Check out the gibson billy joe whatshisface from greenday custom on the website - it has that bridge and so you can make a decision on what you want
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EDIT: i am an idiot

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I'll probably go stop bar so it matches my ES-135. Thanks for your help.
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You could always use the original trapezoid tailpiece.


That tailpiece makes palm muting impossible.
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^I don't see why the Trapezoid tailpiece would make palm muting impossible, care to explain?
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
The '54 one was just the original model, and they changed the design later on.
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