just wondering why this was denied my tab of Washington is next guitar Pro, i tabbed it by ear yesterday, the tempo is slightly out at the end maybe and i could only get parts of the solo but the rest is pretty accurate in my opinion also there are no tabs for this song currently up so i thought it would at least be there for someone to improve on later without having to do the whole song.?

ive seen alot worse tabs than this up and many of the same tab gets accepted with bugger all difference between them, whereas this has no others up?
Washington Is Next.zip
I don't know that song but I listened to it on YouTube and I think its pretty much the same. maybe you should add a base line and then try again.
i wouldnt know where to start ive played guitar and drums so i can pick them out in a song i cant distinguish the bass too well so i wouldnt stand a schance of tabbing it, i could make one up but thats not what ppl want.