third time's the charm. rofl

this is a song i wrote, wrote this one to break in my Hellraiser C7. got a little shreddy jazzy guitar lead on there too. this one has a more of a faster feel than my last one (newest one too). so, how bad is this really?! rofl.
You've got some cool leads in there, but it's a very uninteresting song. Where'd you get the drums?
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drums are DHFH 1. i've been working on mixing so, i kind of just make up songs as i go to learn to mix halfway decent. rofl. then i will record the songs i do with my band, ill tell ya two guitarists input is better than one! rofl


that's the latest mix/song thing i did, it needs work of course, some solo's are leads, and vocals!
meshuggah are the shit. one of my fave bands, and sikth, Asesino, anything with Dino Cazares, lol. i like the guitar tone i got on the second link, just needs some 5 string bassage on there and some leads, and maybe rewrite a few parts, and i think i'll call that one done.