i tried doing a search for this and i couldn't find anything specifically. has anyone had this happen? my wah wah pedal has inadvertantly switched to a really crappy sounding volume pedal. i imagine it is due to past misuse, but nothing more than either stepping on it too roughly (can't imagine how, these things are pretty durable) or it somehow being manhandled. i cannot remember doing anything to incur this change, but one day, when trying to play with it, it just wouldn't do the tone wah thing and just does a quiet mousy sort of volume control. i understand the basic concept of the wah pedal and know that it more than likely has something to do with the tone potentiometer, but what gives? how does a tone pot become a volume pot? is this common with crybaby's? is it worth it to try and meddle with the wires and potentiometer? or do i need to go and buy a new one? i mean, seems like a waste, the thing doesn't look that old, it's probably 3 years old, but for the last 2 and 1/2 years it has been broken. it still looks new and good. what gives? anyone know? sorry for the long post. i just thought i would be as descriptive as possible. thanks
man, take it to a shop and have them look at it, it'll be damn cheaper for a repair than a brand new pedal
Sorry to hear that, have you tried replacing the battery? Something like that happened with my Crybaby; I still haven't replaced the batteries, but they're old so that might be the problem.
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yeah, that's the first thing i thought it would be. nope, a brand new battery, doesn't rectify this situation. but, if it is common for it to act this way when the power is weak, i wonder if it has something to do with the connection to the battery, or something related?
Give it an encouraging smack? Can work wonders...

Or just take it to a shop.

And if you need a new pedal, get a V847
Take the back off the cry baby and take the cicuit board out to see if any transistors are loose. If the are lose, the all you need to do is solder it back it. There is a mod that exists that does the same thing you describe.

"Lifting the earth connection of the 4.7µF capacitor will cancel the wah effect and leave you with a volume pedal. The '70s Jen Wah-Volume pedal switches in a 4K7 resistor and 0.22µF cap in series across the 0.01µF "sweep cap"

Your best bet would be to reconnect it.


johnnymojo666 I had the exact same thing happen to a Vox V847 I used to have about 5 years ago. I never found out what the problem was and got fed up with it and gave it to a friend who used it for its casing.