hi i was wondering asuming a/my band wanted to get a record deal(we dont but im curiuos) how would we get one?
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You need to make a name for yourself man. Labels won't come to you. Don't expect that sending a presskit out will get you signed.

In terms of indie-labels (I'm not that sure on majors, but it's pretty much the same.):


Nothing will make a label more interested in you than if you're able to tour, and get kids to come out to your shows. That means you're doing something right, and the label will be interested in you. If you're serious, you get a van and you start doing local tours, just coastal tours or whatever. Then you do a national tour, and labels will take interest.

Finally, start promoting the shit out of your band, so that labels will hear about you from places other than your band. If they hear other kids talking about how great you are, then they'll listen.

Hope that helps a little, and if you have more questions, feel free to ask. I have a lot of friends in bands that are signed, are being looked at by labels, and are touring without label support, so if you need help and I can't answer it, I can talk to them.


Edit: By the way, your hate of rap will not get you far in the music world. I highly recommend finding some good rap, and listening to it. You might just be surprised.
yeah dude, put your music everywhere. Myspace, Purevolume, Youtube, all those places. Play everywhere around town you can. Be unique.
They want to sign on a band that has a following, not sign on a band and try and give it one.

It's an investment for them. Most people don't invest in a business that has very few customers.

That being said, take it to bandleading.
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