Okay... We have just re-recorded one of our songs.
We have made a few changes, and we would love your opinions on it.
Constructive critisism is very welcome, and it would be nice if you compared it to the original.

Thank you, and I will ofcourse crit your songs aswell...

Btw, we need a singer! Or atleast a better one!

It's quite quiet, I had to turn my volume up a lot. The vocals are too loud in the mix, and yes, your not the greatest of singers lol. The talking at the beginning was a nice effect.

The voice effects in the background are odd and I don't really like them.

Nice bass fill at the end.

Il give the original a quick listen now... I like the mix a little more, but this time the vocals are too quiet lol. The song is overall louder though which is good. This one is a little messy and the bass is too lous and it has worse sound quality.

If you take into account what I've said about take 2 it should be a clear improvement from your first one.

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the talking was definitely pretty cool
i thought the vocals were too loud also - didn't love them - our band needs a singer as well so i know where you're at haha
i like the bass throughout and the guitar is simple but nice

the first mix - pretty much agree with what sam i am said - instruments don't sound as good
i like the vocals more, but i don't love the double tracking, i don't think it adds much

i think take 2 is definitely headed in the right direction, just work on the vocals

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