Hey All,
I needed a case for a ESP LTd F-50 as well as for a Epiphone Les Paul Special Edition LTD-Ebony . As i have no idea how i can see which cases i can use for both guitar i thought it would be the best idea to ask. If anyone has the answer and knows what kind of a case i need i'd be very pleased of some advise =)


EDIT: it should be a hardcase and not a bag
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Well, a case specialised for an LP wont fit the F50 and a case specialised for the F50 wont fit the LP. Try finding one that hasn't been molded.
Use a Gator ATA Electric Guitar Case. It fits my Les Paul DC, My SG, My Strat and My Tele well
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i really don't think that's gonna happen when you look at how completely different those guitars are.

I mean, would an F fit in anything NOT specifically designed for an F?
I don't know if a regular case will fit an F. I have a Gator case that came with my tele and it won't hold my friend's F-250 or my RR3 so you might be screwed on that.
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