Hey i searched and couldnt find the answer to this.

Basicaly im wanting to edit a song i have on Audacity. Simply cutting a bit of time off the intro as its just white noise. So i have tried everything to import the song into audacity so i can edit it. The file types i have tried are m4a. mp3. m4a. Every result seems to be the same. Either just white noise non stop for a duration of about 30 seconds. Or it seems to compress the song into about 0.4 of a second :S

Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know the way arund this happening? Thanks in advance for anyhelp
get pro-tools or acid.

audacity sucks major balls
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well if you can get the files to work just use the silence button. it has two straight lines then a squiggly sound line in the middle, its above the actual track so try that to get rid of the other part...
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Yeah i know audacity sucks, i used cubase and garage band to record the actual song. Just needed to snip this bit off the end and dont have access to either right now. I'll have a look into pr tools or acid
if your problem is that you have a few tracks making ure song and you want to cut stuff off the beggining..... and when you cut the other tracks stay in the same place making ure tracks out of line?? This happened to me and i wanted to just cut rubbish fromt he beggining. What you do is get a free prog from the internet called Wave Pad. You import it to that program. It will turn it into a song consisting of one track (automatically). When its done this you just snip the start off.

Hope this helps.