Verse 1:
Stand back
Many emotions are running through me
I never even got to see your face
Its not like miracles just happen
To those who ask


Every time I look in the mirror
I was never able to tell if that was a mask
On my face

Verse 2

I look now and realize
My shelter was with you
Can’t let my body win the fight
Can’t let my mind win the race
But now I can tell
That there are more shattered
Pieces of my heart
Then that mirror

Last call for safety
And I’m having doubts
Last call for home
Just don’t look back
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This is really cool. Punctuation might be needed, but perhaps thats part of it. I really like "Its not like miracles just happen
To those who ask" Thats a really cool line. I've got a poem floating around called "My Answer" (Original Poem)" if you wanna crit it. I know I didnt fully crit yours, but there really isnt alot to say. Good Job.
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