PLease anyone im looking for rammstein settings. im sorry to be nagging, but im doin a rammstein coverband and it helps if u kinda sound like the band ur covering. lol.
if anyone has a website or knows how i can get a peavey valveking+boss metalzone = "rammstein" its much appreciated.
you are looking for very high gain, with a low gain amp and a crappy distortion pedal. Good luck.

on a more informative note: buy a cheap OD pedal, perhaps the digitech bad monkey or something. Turn gain all the way down, level all the way up. Turn the gain on your amp all the way up too. Try these settings:
Trebble: 5

maybe, just maybe you will have enough gain to even come remotely close.
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Id suggest getting a better amp, if your going to be performing those songs live( and in English) youll need a better setup, apart from that im not entirely sure, i am still messing around with mine to get me a Soulfly/Sepultura esque tune, maybe just listen to a few songs like Du Hast or Buch Dich and adjust your settings to try and match what you hear?

Good luck buddy