I have my Peavey Triple XXX and I just can't seem to get quite the tone I want with it. I've played around with the settings and all but I can't seem to get it quite right. I love the cleans on it, the problem is with the distortion. I like playing a lot of metal, and this amp has the amounts of distortion I need but it sounds almost "dry" if you know what I mean. It's not as thick as I'd like. I've played around with the eq settings on the amp and I can get it a bit closer. SO I was thinking maybe getting an eq pedal would be a good addition to try to get what I want, but I was also thinking maybe just an OD pedal would do the trick (I broke my TS so I can't try it out). What should I try first to get this fixed?
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Peavey Triple XXX
I'd suggest trying a mahogany guitar.
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Personally I believe that if you can't get the sound you want with just your guitar and amp eq then there's just something wrong with you. Haha, not to be mean but I've always had a great tone by just changing the eq a bit, that's how all of my professional guitarist friends and I have done it too.

What kind of EQ settings are you using now? If you're killing the mids, that's something I'd REALLY REALLY change, mids are so important, and I know a lot of people were doing that because on Metallica's AJFA album, they killed the mids.. But um, as for it sounding dry, just grab a nice reverb pedal, delay or chours, that might help it not sound so "dry". As for it not sounding as "thick", you might wanna think of changing the presence and once again, the EQ. But if nonthing works EQ wise, you might wanna think of getting an EQ pedal, but really... That should be a last resort. As for your OD pedal, I've never liked TS's, but Boss makes a good Distortion pedal, it's not that expensive (As some TS's are), like $70, $80 or so. It's the orange one, you can't miss it. Hahaha, but it's a great pedal.

Well, I'm off, toodles.

- Tommy