no thats a rip off for the regular one, and full retail for the a/e version. I bought my Breedlove Atlas AC25/SM acoustic electric for 430 barely used with a tweed case.
Thanks man

Thanks for the support on the band...But its really a Bad deal?

Thats disapointing. here I will send you a website...(Im still very new at guitar and no one I know knows anything about guitars)

That looks like a solid guitar for a good price to me, but I haven't played one. I would go play it before you buy it.

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I'm a fan of guild guitars and no it's not a rip off. Thats an all solid wood guitar for a reasonable price. but yeah always play it first if you can.
that's not a ripoff at all... that guitar has some really really sweet features and it's worth the price tag based on that. i can't attest for how the guitar sounds though. so, as it's already been suggested, see if you can't get your hands on one to play before you buy. and if you find one and like the way it sounds... buy that one instead of ordering online.