I might be buying a used Ibanez RG300EX from a guy i know
he's selling it to me for 300 bucks, theres not any issues with it other then your average wear on a paint job
is this a good deal? i'm most likely gonna be putting a dimebucker in it afterwards, and putting the current pickup in my Ibanez GIO
sorry, it's the 350EX
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powersounds (gio) arent great
that sounds good i loiek my RG a lot comfortable and stuff never actually heard of a 300ex but id get it
ya my gio was just my first guitar, didn't really know anything about guitrs themselves, all i knew is it looked like a metal guitar so i got it, and it's a pretty good beginers guitar, but i need to upgrade, and this oportunity came along i told the guy to hold it for me until i get the cash, unles anybody has some otehr recomendatins of a decent intermediate guitar thast not very expensive
people are going to say it sucks, but for the price, it's not bad at all- i have one. admitedly ive pulled the trem bar out and streched the hole a lil by accident but i can still use it fine- it just flops down now rather than stay where i want it
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