Check this out!

I just got this drum program called EZDrummer, very cool, and this is just a test I did...only did a little bit of mixing, not really any effects, just a rough clip, but I think it sounds amazing, so I wanted to get some feedback!


Please enjoy and comment!
The program EZDrummer is a plug-in and comes with many grooves. So basically I just clicked and dragged in the grooves and it played them! it's really simple to use and sounds great!

I'll get you guys critted in a bit, thanks for listening!
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That does sound good! Sure beats the guitar pro RSE I use. Cool echo effects on the guitar as well. It gave it a nice robotic sound. The other rioff was good as well and you have good tone. I would take this song further if I were you!

CFC? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=545043

Also, there's no echo...i used hammer on's and pull off's too achieve that sound! That's why it's kinda sloppy, cuase it's kinda hard...and I was more focused on the drums!
That sounds really sweet. Perhaps you can extend it into a full song? Pretty nice riffage going on there. With more length and a solo or two, it'd rock.

For some reason, it really reminds me of Linkin Park tho lol.
Ha, ya, I have kinda a Nu Metal taste i guess...more Breaking Benjamin is what I'm going for.