My buddy is selling his metallic red dinky pretty well brand new for about 600 dollars, and i need a couple questions answered. Is it a good deal? is the guitar pretty veristile? and is it an overall good guitar.. thanks.

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I have a DK2M, it's an amazing guitar.

Except for the fact that it's a bolt on, it plays better than my Ibanez RGT42... which is an achievement for Jackson.

I've had mine for several months now and I've used and abused the tremolo, but it still works like new.

Build quality seems very solid... it's a heavy guitar, the knobs and switches are firm, the pickups don't rattle around, and everything seems put together real well.

I got mine for 600 dollars.
Yeah go for it...I got a Jackson DK2 which went for $660, but was onsale for $450..its definatly an amazing guitar, I say go for it.
is it a new model from with a year with real duncans or is it older with duncan designs..

that will make a big difference in price. if its older i would pay no more then $250 for it if its the new one i would pay more then $400 for it... for $600 you can buy a new one... with warranty...