Hey, Ive been reading into alot of amps lately, trying to pick out my next one. I was looking at the Line 6 amps, but have kinda been turned away, so Im looking into just dishing out the money and getting a marshall. My question is, As of right now, I live in a apartment, and dont plan on getting a house for roughly another yr or so. Do you think getting a half stack would be too much, mainly to practice with at current time. Eventually id like to do some shows. But right now, Im just gonna e practicing and making some recordings on a 8 track recorder. Thanks
in an apartement, i think it DEFINITELY is an overkill. just get a microcube, or whatever that's small for homw use. i swear, i live in an apartement, and i cant even go over 50% on my microcube, without being scared of neighbors. at night, i play with like 5%
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Yeah, um with a 100 watt tube amp you could shake the entire apartment complex. +1 on the Cube. It just takes a lot of volume/power to get the Marshall to a point where it doesn't sound tinny anymore, and once you have reached that point you are going to be WAYYY too loud.
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