I have the worst time trying to tremolo pick. My arm tightens right up as soon as i get it going. I have real troulbe relaxing my arm when playing something complicated. I can tremolo pick like inbetween chords and things like that easily nice and relaxed and good but when it's just a straight up tremolo picking riff then I have a very hard time with it and just tense up and can't play fast for more than just a few seconds. Anyone have any tips please. How did you go about tremolo picking comfortably? And speed help too. Thanks guys.
roll your fingers every chance you can, its like doing the wave with your fingers. it'll loosen and tone those muscles.
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Sweep picking if i could actually get faster at it. But overall . . everything. Every technique in guitar playing is worth learning or playing. Nice thread by the way

Just loosen up. Use your wrist, not your full arm, and even hold the pick a little less tightly. If it helps, turn your pick at an angle to the strings and use the tip more.
play slow at first, then try to speed it up. remember to keep your arms and wrists comfortable while playing. just try to be as comfortable as possible, and if you tense up, stop and start over.
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