Critics Welcome!
Feel free to help yourself to the assorted cookies and cheese snacks. The names of the files mean nothing. I am sorry if offended any Police, Christmas Trees, Fozzy the Bear or Clowns. All these songs are pretty much Metal... or Something resembling it. I can't play half the songs I write so if they are impossible to play or just not a logical way to play them. I am Sorry. And I don't play Drums so if the Drums smell of an Old Mans Anus you know why

I'll Post Some new ones each month or Something.
Tortiss's Greatest Hits.zip
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Alrighty, Full review

Donkey kong - Not really that metal... but it was entertaining nonetheless

I Hate Clowns - the 10th measure is awesome. theres to many open notes... but it does make it metal. 15-17 are cool. the solos could have used a back up guitar. I dont think 31 is possible. as 41 hits, the song gets amazingly better. 53 on was the same old thing as before.

Oh Christmas Tree - sound death/melodic metal. and is kind of chaotic. thats all

Fozzy - Probably the best except the ending kills it a little.

Satan - Pretty good. I actually like it.

Melodeath - Is as you said. Melodeath. Pretty good for the genre it is. I personally don't like melodeath, but this was exactly as most of it is.

Police - Pretty good. has ballad written all over it. 25 - 33 kills it... from there on is good though...

not bad not bad.
watch out for that tree- nice into, i liked it a lot. the whole song was good except for the ending, i didn't like it at all.

diarhea-to be honest i didn't really like this one, the strumming was good but thats the only part i liked in this song.

herman li- wow the intro was amazing, it would be even better if u could play it lol. the rest of the song was really good too.

arbys- starts out really good. bar 23 is messed up i think lol. u end it off pretty good too.

kittens- really really good intro. i didn't like solo 1 at all though. solo 2 was much better though, but u did miss some parts where u could have harmonized. this one is my favorite

organ trasplant- pretty good, nothing bad, but nothing great either

sometimes i like to eat my own- i didn't really like the power chord part of the intro riff. but the tremolo picking park was very good.

tomato soup- i didn't bar 7-12, 16-20, they just didn't really fit the song IMO.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Kittens From Mars is the coolest thing I've heard for a while.

Tomato Soup and Watch out for that tree were neat too.