Ok i have posted this with the aim of getting some feedback, so shoot from the hip good or bad all advice welcome and taken

Ok got my 1st guitar yesterday and as I am a big Black Sabbath fan, I have picked the 1st 3 songs i want to learn. The reason I have picked these are I know the tunes and have copies of the songs so I can play along to them and also they are easy to learn i think and are not to long. So as i am just starting I will get some sense of achievement and get more confidence in myself and my guitar well thats the plan anyway.

1/ Lord of this world

2/ Fluff

3/ Supernaut
i really like supernaut so good choice with that. some other good sabbath songs which shouldnt be too hard are electric funeral and children of the grave. sabbath rules.
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Good choices. The first three songs I learned (Well parts of them at first) were Electric Funeral, Into the Void and Iron Man. If you haven't already, go and buy the CD's and download more tabs. A lot of it is quite easy and sounds great. Tony Iommi is a God.
Do some Metallica rhythm as it will get your picking hand going good and then everything is a hell of a lot easier