this is an epiphone les paul studio and the guy selling it is [apparently] from china, and im just wondering if you thing this is a con or not cos you guys obviously know about this sorta stuff [or if anybodys brought from this guy]

the price seems pretty low but then again his feedback is pretty impressive.


seems real enough for me, but the sellers from china for guitars are usually fake.

up to you if you wanna risk it, try messaging him a few times or something to see if he's for real.
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Usually the China Scam guitars are sold for like $20 (8-12 British Pounds) but shipping is like 160 British Pounds (they are almost exclusively sold in British currency) making the price around $400-500 American. They also have the disclaimer that shipping costs are non refundable, and that's how they get ya.

They also generally use 'stock' photos for their auctions where you can find 15-50 guitars all using the same picture of whatever guitar knock off they are selling (the Ibanez Steve Vai Jems being a great example of this). The guitars they sell are also, usualy, high dollar, signature series guitars because of the price difference. Instead of just a 'Gibsun' Les Paul, they'd sell the Ace Frehley Signature Series Les Paul with the lightning Bolt inlays and such.

If you sniff around, you can pick out the scammers and knock off artists pretty easy, because their use of the english language is atrocious, and most will say things like 'Genuine Chinese Ancient Craftsmanship' and saying like this. From what I can see, the action is pretty legit, but given the chance, I'd spend a few more bucks to have something shipped from within the country I'm purchasing from just for ease of customs, shipping and speed.
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looks legit' to me. dam ugly in my opinion though. needs to be alpine white.
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Hmmmm.... notice the pic of the headstock says "custom"? And 138 pounds is only $271US which is cheaper than even MF sell for.
^It is a custom.

EDIT: It's this. A Epi Les Paul Custom Flametop.

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