Okay, I know it's likely that you'll report me for this but I just wanna give myself a bit of a boost on this site and all I am asking is to just take a look at my tab (which is in the approval queue) and vote for it if you think it's good and if you don't reject it. Because it seems that nobody is peering on the queue at the moment so I am just asking a little favour.
Thanks to everyone who understands what I mean. And I am not usually to do this on here, because I wanna keep a good reputation.
Thanks alot, Lucy, 13
Ps: It's Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars if you haven't already guessed lol!
^You beat me to it. The song doesn't need a tab. You simply turn the song on, then move your fingers around the fretboard until you play the same two notes as the song contains.

Not that anyone would wish to listen to the godawful song.
Quote by WlCmToTheJungle
if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
I like it too (though some days it will make me feel like I'm in a complete rut), however it is pretty mad elementary.
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