i like crazy world pretty nice band but i don't really like the drums on what you gonna do. no offence, but anyway good band overall
My only Suggestion would be to try to work your own style into it. Nice.
None of this is meant to be offensive

Crazy World
1: Very bad mixing of the song. The guitars/vocals too loud.
2:The rhythm guitar part is too repetitive and to be honest annoys me
3: The coda at the end works quite well but the rhythm part defracts from in for me
4: Vocals were substandard for large swathes of the song , outta tune and sounded rushed to fit into the bars.
5: Drums were too simplistic. tell your drummer to use his chops!!!!!!!
6:Bass-sexy wee intro but letting the guitar play the same thing means the bassist cant be heard


What You gonna do
1:THe mix for this one isnt as bad but still too much guitar
2rums-Poor again-either sort that intro out or leave it out
3:Guitar actually suits this song better but for me is still very simplistic.ALthough the solo is sexy and fitss the groove very well.
4:VOcals in the mix are too loud so you sometimes hear distortion on them. But are for the most part in tune and time.

Not bad for an first demo, far better than my first one back in the day. keep at it get as tight as a fishs crack and the record again.

Good luck ladies
^ he kinda nailed it on the head.

I really liked the songs. especially the one in the video. You guys are good songwriters. But, (and I say this as a drummer). just like mexico 87 said, the drums are too simplistic. I'm not saying for him to go Keith Moon crazy. Simply to make the beat a little more interesting, to fit with the song better. tell him to key in with your bassist.
Like I said, though, it was cool.

do me a favor and critique (or criticize) my band. Be as specific as possible.
you too, mexico87. I'd like to hear from you what I can do better.

I think when you say its not meant to be offensive is a bit stupid mate, you can't say all that in a list without being offensive. So mate, this isn't meant to be offensive, but:

Get a life?
whoa, chillax man. I think he's just trying to help. There was a guy on purevolume who reviewed my songs, and he was a lil bit harsh (at least, more harsh then mexico87), but when I thought about it, he was right. He told me specifically what I needed to work on. And Now I can use that toward my next song. Just something to think about.

and, uh, don't forget to help me out with my band.