I'm in a bit of a pinch trying to get this pickup in the bridge. I've got five wires coming out of the L500XL. Big Red Wire, Small: Green and White(soldered together), Black and Red.

I'm trying to replace it into an Rhoads Model Jackson. Which currently has the big wire soldered to the terminal(knob) and a small green wire soldered under that separately. However there are two wires: a small green and red wire soldered together, not connecting to anything but themselves.

So if I were to copy what I am looking at right now, the green and white wires from the L500XL match the red and white wires from the old pickup. Just feels strange to me. Then, I have a red wire and a black wire to go where the old green wire was...

any help? Would appreciate it! (SAVE ME!)
I actually just installed on in my RR3 a few days ago. Just look at the diagram that BL sent you it's pretty easy. The ground should be twisted with another wire and it's soldered to the back of the pot. The Green and White you do nothing with and you solder the red to the prong on the pot (I think thats the positive).

Just look at the diagram they sent you the grounds get soldered to the back of the pot, the positive to the prong and two wires are just left twisted together (I taped them up so they didn't ground out). Sorry I can't remember the wire colors off the top of my head but BL pretty much twists the ones you need together for you.

It's an awesome pickup, I fell back in love my my RR after getting it in. BL are extremely underrated!!

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Ah okay, then i got it. Do as I said before, and put the bare wire to the back of the pot as well.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.