It looks pretty nasty. Chances are its made of poplar, which is the lowest quality wood that I know of on the market. The hardware looks really bad too. Chances are if you want something that big that will be of decent quality, you need to put in quite a bit more money.
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Damn.Spose you get what you pay for...

If you want a good cheap kit under 400 quid, look for a Tama swingstar or rockstar. Alternitvly, look for some premier XPK's or Cabrias. They are good for the money. Avoid Pearl (I used to have a pearl kit) Theyre pricey.
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It's a rip off matey.
and for a low priced kit... try CB Drums, they're good to start with but it's not too good quality, or try Pearl or Yamaha kit's they're good quality but a bit priceyer.