i actually like your voice quite a bit, this song got me interested right off the bat. your vocals just seem a little bit out of tune on some of the higher notes, but fine otherwise. guitar sounds pretty good, i love that whammy abuse after one of the choruses, no matter how excessive it might be the clean bridge sounds good, i think maybe the vocals are a little quiet there. guitar sounds a little out of time in the solo, but those harmonies are awesome. vocal harmonies sound nice too. the fruityloops drums sound pretty good, if you tweak around with some effects you can get some really amazing sounds though. overall, very nice work, keep it up.
mind giving me some feedback?
Thanks, but the voice is not mine, and I think Dan is going to come round and record the vocals again, because when he recorded he was kinda..sitting :\.
The first arpeggio bits of the solo are going to be recorded again because they are a bit out of time.
Quote by SabertoothSheep
the drums are a bit hasty in the clean part.

I think you may be right there, I only made them fast like that because thats how our drummer played it before he left, and I suppose the synthesised drums doing a beat like that don't work.
I know this thread is dead, but theres an update, I have recently got EZdrummer, and have incorporated it into Underwater Woman.

Any EZdrummer pro's want to comment? I think it makes the song alot nicer to listen to.
heres the direct link:

or heres a link to all my music on my music page: