Hi everybody
recentlyI've bought myself a tube-amp, a mesa boogie mark IV. And as a lot of kids i putted the grafical EQ on the V-form. I like the tone, but I'd like to expermint also with my mids. But mostly when I lift the midsection on the Graf EQ, mysound just seem more 'flabby', does anybody know how to start making good use of the mids, cus I can't seemto find a good way:s
I play mostly metal, but also rock, jazz, psychedelic stuff.
My sound must stay clear, not muddy if possible
thanks for any help
Adjust all of the EQ, and it shouldn't get too muddy with more mids.
Just experiment really.
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Try to lower some of the low-end (bass)
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ok thanks, i will give it a try and lets hope i can get rid of the o so much used scooped sound :p
the only way you can get a scooped sound on the mark iv is with the graphic eq so I suggest either not using it or boosting the mids and/or cutting the bass. btw, what cab are you using? a really high quality cab helps keep your amp from sounding flabby.
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What to do with mids? Turn them up to 10. The 'mids' knob should be higher than any other knob (yes, that includes gain).
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I don't really like turning anything up to extremes... I like to put the EQ flat and turn the bass up a little and the mids up more. I generally keep treble around 12 o clock. I think if you turn up anything too much you make your guitar sound too thick and you invade the bassist's personal space
Personally I love mids. I love a massively fat tone that can just anyone go 'wow'.
I personally don't like the scooped mids sound either, so try boosting your mids too.