Does anyone know what kind of distortion(effectpedal or amp) Matt bellamy in Muse uses in the song Time is running out?

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he has a built in zvex fuzz factory in his guitar
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Your PROBABLY thinking of the intro tone, which is a bass guitar through two russian big muffs. The bass signal is split in two, with both going through a seperate muff, and one muff output goes into an akai deep impact synth pedel then the amp, while the other just goes straight into the amp.

As for the guitar tone, Matt used a Diezel amp head for that album a lot,. but he has a couple he heads. I think he used the Diezel for TIRO though.

He owns a few effects, but he's got a zvex fuzz factory built into all of his guitars, his distortion usually has that in the mix somewhere.

If it is Matts tone you're after, from any song, he has not only a very unique tone, but also one that's very hard to emulate without very similar/expensive gear.
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Well I was thinking about his distortion, not the bass fuzz.
I know it's the bass that's playing that part.
But I love Matt's sound!
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