This is the worst idea i've probably ever had... but hey whatever.

The paper is about the power of virtuosity -- to explore this question I look at how humans partake in expression through music, how music attains meaning, and how all of these are deeply linked to the human condition. Ultimately I look at how virtuosity is a reflection of human existence.

Oh yeah it's 18 pages. I'm pretty pretentious to expect anyone to read this... but you can skim it or whatever.

just give me any comments or feedback.

EDIT: I took out the pictures because they were too big
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bookmark this thread cause I'm actually going to read it tonight when I get home from work and drop you a comment
(I'm actually reading it all the way through) and so far there are some small typos, I've only seen spacing errors. Just thought you might want to know, I'm fixing them as I go along because I'm a freak like that.

edit: Yeah I'm a freak, I'm using spell/grammar checker to fix the typos, then I'll finish reading it.
Who dat?
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well dude, i just read the first 5 pages of it and in the words of the farmer - "that'll do pig, that'll do". i will read the rest of it tonight. as a musician, you have realized some things about music that few of us have and could have ever dreamed of. i applaud you sir. you must've spent an awful long time and effort writing this. i am a sophomore in college and i would've been proud to write such a well written piece. i hope that your teachers, classmates, and fellow UG members can appreciate your message even if they don't agree with it.