not that it's bad but there's alot of people that like them and a whole lot of people who like john, and please don't say something stupid like because they're the best band in the world.
well, i like them cause they have a different sound to them. its not like most rock. and i like Anthony's voice. flea is a sweet bass player too
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it's just that in other guitar and music sites whenever someone mentions them people are like yea i like them and then leave but when i found this site everyone likes them.
that's why i posted
They write incredible songs, they're positive and they're not pretentcious and stuck up like most "rock stars"
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Well i like them because their sound is quite unique. Flea's bass lines are very noticable, which differs from bands where you can barely hear the bass. John Frusciante is one of the better guitarists today, and his solos, chords, strumming patterns, everything is just different from most prominent rock bands out today.

And you say alot of people like them, well i know alot of people who say they like them, then check out their ipods to see Under the Bridge, Californication, and Snow, and thats it. (Those are all great songs though. Even Snow. Its picking riff, with the flutes on the synth or whatever is great). Although I do believe they are one of the few great modern bands to have some mainstream visibility.

My opinion, of course.
Quote by Patches McGee
They write incredible songs, they're positive and they're not pretentcious and stuck up like most "rock stars"

not pretentious?!!
Not only is their music good, I'd give a listen to any man's music who was able to get off hard drugs cold turkey. I predict though that in 30 years the shirt with the asterik and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS around it will be the new Dark Side shirt, all the kids will wear it to look cool.
I never got it either. They're a good band, but I've never seen them as 'amazing', and certainly not a rock band.
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They are amazing musicians all in an individual and group settings.... thats the main reason. John puts so much heart and feeling into not only his music, but also his performances of his music... theres no joking around. Flea is one of the best bassists in modern music and created his own style that influenced thousands of bands over the next two decades and he's still making new stuff.

Their music is so unique from anything else. The idea of fusing together punk and funk was unheard of at the time and its just such a cool sound still today. Ontop of that, they are all humble and not as cocky as most other rockstars are... they know their roots.
They just kickass. If john was singer, I would like them more then tool my favorite band, my only problem is the singer. Anthony is a terrible singer but ofcourse, all the RHCP fans think hes great when I and pretty much everyone else can see that he has a bad voice.
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everyone doesnt love them. i hate them! they're one of the most over-rated bands on the planet. old stuff aint bad, but recent..........yeeesh