i wondered if anyone could giv me their opinion on my little personal dilemma. ive got a js100 ibanez which i luv, but it has to be said that it has pretty weak pickups. i was thinking of changing and i wondered what to go for. i play kinda solo-y stuff and at the bridge i want a really big, biting sound that kicks ass whether im hi or lo, but i also want the pickup to pick out subtle things in what im playing, and then at the neck i want a beefier sound thats more 'electric' as i like to put it, similar to how john petrucci uses his neck pickup in solos eg. the tone at the beginning of 'glasgow kiss'. hehe im pretty picky (absolutely no pun intended) . i want to go for dimarzios but im torn between-

neck: neck pickups i like are the air norton, the virtual PAF hot, or the PAF pro/ PAF joe. but then i really like the vai evolution aswell and ive never heard the vai breed pickup yet.

bridge: once again i like the evolution pickup and havent heard the breed pickup. i also like the FRED and mo' joe.

im completely open for any ideas!
Id go with some Evolutions... thats just me
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Why not go like satch himself and get a Dimarzio fred at the bridge and the PAF joe in the neck?
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