im new to this forum and just started playin the guitar a couple weeks ago and i have an acoustic but really want an electric guitar so whats a good starter electric guitar for a good price im tryn to stay with Fender, Gibson, or Ibaneze
gibson=nono for a starter

post this in electric guitar
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epiphone or squier are great starters and similarly priced so it depends on your taste
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i would rather have a guitar in place of my organs, OR CANDY
I started with my dads old Fender Squier Affinity, it really did help me play. Dont think too big and expensive when you start, you might regret it. So, yeah I do recommend Fenders.
aight then yeah cause thats what i really want to start out with is a Fender like a stratocaster or telecaster but just need some freaking money :[
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For a starter electric guitar, I think the very best is a Behringer iAXE393 for the following reasons:

1) It's cheap. Only $120.

2) The 3 Single coils will help you develop your ear because of the different tones you can get from 5-way switching.

3) It's got a trem that you can learn goofy trem-crap on .

4) It plugs into your computer and runs off of amp modeling software so you don't have to waste money on a crappy amp that you'll want to get rid of later on.

Going by brand names is a bad, bad idea when buying guitars (especially beginner ones ).
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yes but the behringer does have some tuning problems (the one i tried anyway, kept going out of tune)

and how much are you looking for a guitar and for an amp?
What is your budget? What currency? What music styles do you wish to play?
get a strat pack
just a starter pack with a 10w practice amp, lead, pick, hopefully strap and a cheap strat.
Strats are awesome beginner guitars, they teach u a lot. I still play a strat cos i love the feel, even tho i play heavy stuff. They are also very versatile.
Usually cost around US$200 or AUS$300, more or less.
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Squier 51
Ibanez RG321

And you'll need a good amp.
Micro Cube
Vox Ad15vt
either a Squier '51 or a Fender MIM Strat.
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yep. Get a beginners pack.
I started with a Caliber stratocaster, with a 10 Watt amp for 140 euro's. Great to start with, and by now I've replaced it all.
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forums and new to guitar playing as well. I did not want to make a new thread as this thread is somewhat similar to my situation. Unlike Weaverman, I haven't had any experience playing guitars. As I read through people's posts, I saw someone recommend a beginner's pack. I dug through some sites and I found this beginner's pack:


Can anyone tell me if this is good or not? I know its a cheap and you get what you pay for but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and end up not being able to play it.

Also, I wanna play songs that range from System of a Down and Linkin Park to Blink 182 and Good Charlotte.

Thanks everyone for their help

I'd say a Fender HSS Standard Strat because of its versatility. For an amp I'd recommend a Vox AD15VT (not just because I own one) or a Roland Cube depending on what music you play.
IM new here aswell but not so new to playin guitar. I've been playing an acoustic for around a year and I am looking to move up to an electric. My budget is around 650-750 AUD. I'm interested in playin everythin from Santana to Metallica so i need a guitar that covers all. Please help

Squier 51 if you can find one - best value around for a starter guitar.
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A Fender Mexican Stratocaster is a pretty good beginner's guitar. They're moderately priced, have a decent resale value, and as guitars are fairly versatile in what you can play on them. I'd recommend a small Marshall combo, simply because I think Marshalls are the best amps on the planet.
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I don't want to spend too much money on the guitar alone. Do you think this beginner's kit is good?



^hey can i buy just the guitar from that kit, that is, if it's any good or rather better than the similiarly priced Dean Evo/Vendetta XM.
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The Dean will be better.
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