I’m living the life of the rich I have power in the grapple of my strength
My power is stronger than before and my commands are fatal to the human mind
Were my deserved due day was is binded.The path to victory is a kill away
When we conker their men and my day will come when I meet death on the road.
I’m too young to die fast my breath can only swift my past the last fatal words of

I find myself in a backwards drop to the day I .die my future was corrupted with
A king’s evil eye which mean soon the third son of aradus will have to sacfice the
Son and cut off his arms then leave him to die. On the tomb stone forcefully carved with infected
Wolves bones rest in hell my son destruction came fast and quick .you lived for generations of the
Young livings but you could not stop your destiny to meet death on the road to hell.
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