When im sitting down with my guitar how should it be placed on my leg? im right handed so should it go on the right leg? i read somewhere that we shouldnt but for no obvious reason?

any help? cheers.
Its entirely personal preference, but if you play classical and want to take exams then youll find that you have to play with the waist of the guitar on your left thigh. Most people find it comfortable having the guitar on the right leg.
either one, but if you have it on your left leg you would have to step on some books or something with your left leg, otherwise youll find yourself on your tip toes trying to raise the guitar
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As was said the left leg is the proper way for classical guitar. I find it more accurately mimics standing and promotes better posture so I try and use my left leg. I use my right a lot though because it's often easier.
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i sit back in my chair and hold my guitar at a 45 degree angle with the bottom edge of the guitar resting on my right thigh.....is this bad?