i know there are loads of different ways of doing a pick slide whats your favourite?

some people i know just do the bar E,A,D strings and slide down.

whats your favourite?
i turn the pick on its side tilting the bottom slightly towards the neck and drag it across the E and A strings
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I usually start with only the D and move the the pick up to the thicker strings so that by the end it is scraping only the E and a bit of the A. Sorry if that was confusing.

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I suck at pick sliding...but on my tube amp, it sounds massive.
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I do a lot of pick slides and scratches so my suggestion is when you've got your distortion/overdrive on sometime, just play around with it and get to know the tones that each string makes, and how it changed if you have something fretted or where on the string you are scratching. Youre average tasteful pickslide just thrown in there is gonna be like the ones described above, but you can get some crazy noises from the higher strings or just going back and forth near the nut or bridge, you can create entire solos just pick sliding witha wah or phaser or something. Anyway I'm rambling, play around with it and get creative.
I just slide down the neck on the A and E strings. I'll start over the pickups, or at some point on the neck depends what sound I want, also speed changes the sound. It's fun to get certain sounds out, going back and forth on the strings can sound good. Trying to re-create the pickslide sounds int he beginning of "Nihilism" is a good exercise I think.
Depends what song, style ect. Sometimes I do what I call a knuckle slide, and I slide with my right knuckle of my middle finger up the neck on the E string...sounds cool with distortion and chorus.
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Make sure you turn the gain up, sounds more thrashier.
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