Well, I've been to the eye doctor twice in the past week. And guess what? I'm pretty much blind. The eyesight scale only registers to 20/400. Generally most people are around 20/20-60.

Mine...it doesn't register, it's so bad that it's over 20/400. And my power for contacts is -7.0, which they didn't even carry in their office. They had to special order mine since they only have contacts go up to -6.0.

So...does anyone have eyesight as bad as mine or do ya get to be special and have 20/20...
Dude, you have terrible eyes. My contacts are (right) -0.25, and (left) -0.75. I don't NEED them in all the time, they just help for when I'm sitting in the back of the class and stuff. How the heck did you go that long with such bad eyes?!
I'm 20-10, I have amazing vision.
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do you wack alot? cause you know you can go blind doin that
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i haven't been to the eye doctor in 16 years... and i'm 16, so yes, there was an eye doctor present when i was born
i'm only -2.0 but my dad is like - 8.0 , I hope it won't get that far...
I have glasses but i don't know the score my eyes read, but they're not that powerful.
im 20/20 as well - thank god. I would hate to wear glasses or contacts.
errrm I dunno but im pretty long sighted I have pretty awesome hearing though :P
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If I can believe my memory, I've never been to an eye docter.

How come you haven't noticed anything with such bad eyes?
my glasses are -3.00 for both left and right eye lol
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-5.0 in both eyes. and they're getting worse.
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No, no, no. lol. I guess i should have explained that I've had eye glasses since I was in 2nd grade and now I'm 20, so it's progressively just gotten worse. The thing is, nobody else in my family has eyesight as bad as I do.
I can reald from a pretty good distance away, But I don't know my vision. i have a good Eye for detail.
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i think i'm about -3.00 for one of my eyes and it affects the other one. doens't matter anyway, i can see things in focus to a few millimetres away so i can see lots of detail in things.
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-3.0 in the left eye -3.25 in the right eye...or the other way around

ur eyes suck...so is that legally blind or something?
meh...I have contacts and they are -4.5's in both eyes....I don't know what that equates to.
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Mine aren't too bad, I can't remember the numbers though. I believe they are around two and a half for each eye.
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-3.0 in the left eye -3.25 in the right eye...or the other way around

ur eyes suck...so is that legally blind or something?

Yeah, the dr. said that without contacts or eyeglasses I am. But with them I can see 20/20.
I dunno what my eyesight is, but I have glasses.
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I happen to be lucky enough to have 20/20 vision

I wish I could have perfect vision...then I wouldn't have to spend the thousands of dollars through out my life on contacts, glasses, and check ups. At this rate, I'll be totally blind when I'm 30.